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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Alpha Pup

Our family dog, Mira, a yellow labrador retriever, recently had six puppies. Here is a picture of only three of them. We can't keep them all but my daughter has been so "taken" with this one, the most "alpha" she-bitch of them all (here bravely balancing on a wobbly plastic chair): Mocha.

While Mira has actually mellowed down from her wilder days, these lab-chows are an altogether new story. They need a new family soon because we are simply not ready a commitment this big!

Mocha actually looks more lab than chow than the rest. Our neighbor took one cream colored female (for the services of his chow chow, Simba) from the litter and we have a total of two females (one cream, one black) and three males (one cream, two black) left. Of course as mentioned, Mocha isn't for sale because Kara has declared herself the alpha to this pup. It was love at first sight (literally because she watched them being delivered into this world.) Call it Puppy Lab. (Ok, I know when I'm pushing my luck here). Just look at the pictures. They are all adorable and since Mocha is off the list, you'll actually be getting a pick from potentially better behaved pups than the one my daughter picked! The black ones are especially gorgeous. (Mira had a black lab in her lineage) If you know anybody or are yourself in the market for puppy lab-chow, give me an email.


Blogger miranila said...

hi karol,

they're so cute. Me want one sana but we don't have the space. our garage is just big enough for September, our mini pin.

btw, i have your blue notebook with me. i'll drop it off at the LDM office real soon.


4:07 PM  

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